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Terrence Montgomery Productions LLC is committed to improving plays and musicals in NYC, NY. This is not only our work, but our passion. Ever since we were children, we practiced acting and creating stage shows. We pursued that passion into college where we majored in theater and regularly put on plays. Theater production is a skill you cannot master solely by research. The only way to become an effective producer is by doing it again and again. We have been organizing and putting on shows for decades.
After graduating from school, we journeyed to Manhattan as most hopeful actors do. We began working as stage hands, production assistants, and set builders. We worked in these positions for years with the hope of getting a chance to put on our own production. It took a while to discover the only way we could get on the main stage is by proving we belonged there, which was impossible with the menial tasks we were assigned. We set out on our own to create productions to put on all the small stages around the city.
Starting in art cafes and bar stages, we worked our way up to the biggest venues around with our productions. Once our notoriety grew, we decided to help other playwrights and directors accomplish the same thing we did. It did not take long for Terrence Montgomery Productions LLC to come to fruition. Now, we help numerous clients take their promising scripts to full stage plays. Whether you want to do a one-act, Shakespeare drama, musical, or one-man show, we are prepared to assist you.
The best way to increase your exposure in this town is by constantly putting out great unique content. We will help you do that in a fun and efficient manner. If you would like to meet the wonderful theater professionals working here, take a trip to Terrence Montgomery Productions LLC today.

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