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Terrence Montgomery Productions LLC is the number one acting coach in NYC, NY. What an audience is hoping most to see in a stage play is an incredible performance from an actor. More than half of most theater reviews are about the actors. The whole medium revolves around the spectacle of seeing a person inhabit a character to the best of their ability, which might be difficult to do in the hectic setting of a theater production. We help you conquer your fear and use the stage to heighten your performance.
Our acting assistance is perfect for beginners. The most important thing to develop as a new actor is confidence. It is impossible to deliver a great performance if you are too self-conscious. The fear of most actors when they are starting out is not being seen in a welcome light. The audience is going to be immediately turned off if you are not fully committing to your role. Your acting teacher provides all the exercises you need to be comfortable and relaxed.
Terrence Montgomery Productions LLC provides acting training to help you interact with your co-stars. It is painfully obvious when an actor is simply waiting for their scene partner to finish so they can say their line. Our acting guidance teaches the importance of listening and reacting.
We provide an extensive acting coach listing with a variety of professionals ideal for teaching comedy, drama, and Shakespeare. Our acting studio puts you in contact with other ambitious and creative performers. We love seeing our students develop projects outside their acting class.
Terrence Montgomery Productions LLC is ready to help you reach your potential as a performer. 

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