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We provide incredible stage directing in NYC, NY. No matter how good your script is, if the actors are moving in an unbelievable manner, audiences will not be captivated by the performances. Stage direction is one of the most important aspects in theater production. We help your actors and sets get the most out of your space. Terrence Montgomery Productions LLC is versed in all the directing styles practiced in modern theater.
As a professional stage director, Terrence Montgomery Productions LLC makes sure nothing is blocking the important objects on your set. Your tech crew has spent countless hours making your design pieces look as beautiful as possible. Do not make their hard work go to waste with poor blocking or arrangements. When we provide stage setting direction, we make sure your sets are placed in an appropriate manner to not distract the viewers from the action happening on stage.
Our theater supervision is most effective when guiding stagehands. Changing sets during a blackout is an art within itself. Terrence Montgomery Productions LLC develops the perfect strategy for your tech crew to pick up and move your sets offstage silently, and replace them with a brand new set design quickly. When you hire us to be your rehearsal director, safe and efficient set changing becomes instinct to your staff.
During the actual show, Terrence Montgomery Productions LLC acts as your stage manager. We make sure all of your actors, stagehands, and lighting technicians are in the right place to hit their cues.
The very best theater director is ready to help your show. 

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