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If you need help with your theatrical production in NYC, NY, trust no one other than our professional team of producers and directors. Once we get a script that we are asked to produce, we determine how feasible it is to turn it into a play. We love ambition, but having too many sets in a show is often too difficult and expensive. We always contact the original writer before making any changes to the script. Once the script is as polished as it can be, we start the casting process.
As a notable theater producer, Terrence Montgomery Productions LLC knows all the best casting agents in the industry. When we hold auditions, the best performers around show up to read. There is a lot of undiscovered talent in the theater world. There are few better assets to a stage play than an exceptional actor or actress with something to prove. We help you make the best decision for your characters.
One of the biggest priorities of our production preparation is rehearsal. Even if you do not have a space to perform, it is important to read the script regularly so the actors can memorize their lines, and to make the entire production understand the goals of the directors and writers. During our production arrangement, Terrence Montgomery Productions LLC organizes all the schedules of the actors and crew so there are no hiccups during the rehearsal process.
As a reliable production company, we ensure that any rewrites to the script are emailed to the actors, and your notes on the set are described to the entire crew. We make theater creation fun and simple.
Avoid all the headaches and complications of production management with our help. 

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